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Rehab4PC's Your Solution for Anything I.T. Columbus Ohio Computer Repair
About Us

Rehab4PC's is a small company that provides I.T. services in the greater Columbus area at an affordable rate to its clients. We have been solving I.T. related issues for over eight years.

It always seemed like we had friends and family asking us to fix simple or even complex problems or telling us that their company is looking for more affordable I.T. support, so finally we have decided to form Rehab4PC's to offer just that.

Our services are being offered to people in the Greater Columbus region and adjacent areas. We are hoping to expand our clientele base and offer more services at an affordable rate.

With so many large companies offering I.T. based support at a ridiculous prices to the consumer and they have employees fixing your Computes with only a few certificates or a twelve hour course and very little real world experience in PC and laptop repair. These companies treat there customers with little respect and have no real personal connection or concers for their personal information.

This just didn't seem like a great idea. Hence the creation of Rehab4PC's with a reputation of great service.

We hope to hear from you and we hope that you support the idea's and the values that Rehab4PC's stands for!

Christopher Greve is the principal of Rehab4PC's. He has been working as the Director of Technology for a private firm for over seven years and has expeirice in many different aspects of the Information Technology world. He has experience as a desk-side support analyst and as a I.T. Support Specialist. He has provided hardware support and troubleshooting on PCs, servers, laptops, and Smartphones. He has provided software support for Windows, MS Office applications, and MS Outlook. He has performed network support for issues related to LAN/WAN/VLAN, DNS, DHCP, IIS and TCP/IP. He has also supported and maintained Domain Controllers, Exchange Servers, File Servers, and SQL Servers.

Christopher has worked for smaller companies in the Greater Columbus area and for a large number of home users. He has an Associate's Degree from DeVry University in Electronic and Computer Technology.

Quick Tips

Quick Tip #1

Simply restarting your PC can fix many issues.

Quick Tip #2

Did you know Ctrl+C copies and Ctrl+V paste.

Quick Tip #3

External Hard Drives are a great way to back up your PC.

Quick Tip #4

Saving your work frequently, will save you a headache down the road.

Quick Tip #5

Keeping your Anti-Virus up to date will help protect your PC from viruses and spyware.

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